Thursday, May 8, 2014

Feet without a Way

Too frequent these feet fight restless
Flight to fight and a seat to take
Especially in the waning days of Spring
When weather is bettered by lingering light
Prospects for longer walks and journeys apart.

But finals and life's lusting
Too late to be beginning
Where, sun, is reminding me?
But waiting to wake up for the better
Weather coming in the wake.

Alas, all dreams and dire things
Great truths and false warnings
Why can't reality, hope, and these little things:
Flings, fellowships, and fruits of baking
Just fill the gap between paths?

Well it has been a short while, while life has been wild
But here are a few notable kitchen events
Between the short-on-time, ever-questionable sautee streak.

Spring Vegetable Fritata,
Mesculin mixing
Sweet Potatoes toasted and tossed in...
 Real food, like a respite to real life.

An Olive Oil Cake
Frosted with Peaches and Butter
In Cream of the Crop Cake
Spreading the sense of better to come.

And finally a second pie to replace a canceled plan and a Thursday less ordinary
Fresh with Parmesan, Fiddling Ferns, Mushrooms, and soy crumbled

And Cheers, all around, to a soon to be walk abroad
And then
Lazier ones
Just in town.

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