Sunday, April 20, 2014

Walking in Circles

Walking, not wandering, deliberate circles
From here to Pi
A pie for one
A Friday night with purpose
So don't call my evenings a bore
For they bear meaning
Whenever I make them so

Circular and continuous? Too much to take out of an odd-shaped Pizza pie?
Spring and me - confused and lost at a foggy cross-street

So from a hectic week, so slow to pass it seems time blurs by
I topped it off with a treat I've been meaning to try:
Pizza, homemade, not grilled but that's soon for another day.
A meal to round out a week, square off a semester, and make whole a fractured year

But wait, finals is still only 2 weeks near...
Recalling when Pizza was fun, not the glutenous fear which so long ruled my habits
Pizza Friday will rise again, like Pasta - pronto!

And cheers to a summer, superior, and more evenings spent slowly, 

Pizza Pie, simply tried, so only the tips to slice up some spice in life:
The First-Take Pizza Pie

  • If you find yourself short on cheese but rich in Tofu (a strange situation, this I know) Try mashing up your tofu as follows:
Tofu Ricotta Salata
Combine 1/2 block fork-mashed tofu with 1 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar, or less to taste, 1 tsp ground sea salt like the beautiful Pink Hawaiian Sea Salt I slowly deplete - alas. Add Pepper and a spritz of lemon juice and mix, setting aside to let the flavors meld. It makes a mean vegan cheese on pizza!
  • Roast your veggies before addition! Roast broccoli, Onions sliced thinly, and red peppers with a splash of Olive Oil and Balsamic Vinegar make a great topping - and appetizer...
  • Pre-bake your crust! Overloading be damned, you will not find a crisp crust without a pre-bake (and a quick pricking with a fork) espescially if you like me think of crust as more of a means of transport than a pizza-lead.
  • Bake it hot! Preheat to at least 450F and reduce towards the end of cooking, it makes a crisper crust.
So walk away from the pizza stay, a Box and grease stains abound. Sure, I love a good pie from a reliable parlor but find in the middle, so many more mediocre.
Make pizza: a rounding experience. Or square, if Sicilian is what you prefer.

Lesson learned?
A good pie cries out for a meal al-fresco but a chili spring will do.

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