Friday, February 14, 2014


Like climbing a hill and finding the view magnificent; maybe less than spectacular.
Luckily this round of my journey to bread perfected provided the former.
I've been on this road before: the road to leavened heaven. Poor rhyme - I realize, forgive me.
Experimenting with rustic baking sans yeast had yielded good results but none so far as true to my goal of recreating a San Francisco style sourdough as this.
Using a Rye starter grown from a Rye Mother I've been keeping for some weeks, Bread Flour and a touch of Wheat bran I've found success. This latest loaf, which when I finally bake a truly measure recipe, I will share the details of, is my favorite yet.
The secret seems to be in an overnight slow rise at cool temperatures: A "Retard" as it were. Forming my sour from a bit of Mother culture and Bread flour, Retarding the loaf which is further mixed with Bread Flour and salt, then left to rise overnight; again after formed into loaves or here, a loaf and a boule. Into this batch too went 3 Tbsp melted butter and a bit of yogurt - a failed commercial yeast mixture had no effect so next time, I'll toss some activated Yeast in too!
Between the retard which heightens and smooths the sour flavor, the butter and yogurt which add richness, and an adequately long baking time - about 45 minutes - this is the closest I've strode to Sourdough gold.
I'm still getting there but in the case of bread baking, a bicycle is more my speed. Well, not for the bread itself, for that I prefer to take my time.
Smell the sour, as it were.

So bake, its a good way to see the scenery on your path.

Lesson Learned? Try, try again.

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